The 4 top reasons for business networking

With the establishment of the new Chichester Google+ Business Network it has got us in the Ad Astra office thinking of why all small businesses should be involved in networking either online or in person!

Here is Ad Astra’s top four reasons for business networking!


Share Knowledge

They say knowledge is power.  When lots of small businesses share their knowledge with one another they can learn a lot, for example if you want to learn how to improve your google rank then why not ask someone in your network as they are there to share their knowledge in return for your knowledge.


Find Opportunities

For small businesses work rarely find its way to you, you need to be out there looking for it.  If you network and meet other small businesses the chances are that sooner or later they will require your service or point you in the direction of their clients needing your service too.  Networking opens doors introduces you to many new opportunities.


Make Connections

Networking is a great way to make good business connections.  Build business relations and you will find that your services may be beneficial to another member of the network, if you help them then they will help you. This will again help in finding opportunities as your connections might help direct clients your way.


Raise your Profile

If your a small business networking can be a great way to raise your profile.  It gives you the opportunity to tell lots of other businesses that you exist, what you do and why they should use your services.


Do you network?  If not then you are missing a lot of opportunities!  Get yourself over to the new Chichester Business Network or connect on Chichester’s Twitter Network!  Follow us on Twitter at @adastrauk or contact us to find out how you can get involved! 02392 160960


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