5 Creative marketing tips for small businesses

Ad Astra has worked with many small businesses in Chichester and West Sussex to help lift them off the ground and get them noticed.  We decided to write this blog to give those looking for Chichester business help something to think about and hopefully get on your feet!

Chichester Marketing TipsIf you are looking for further Chichester business help such as loans, grants, services, help or advice then one of these articles may help, Help for Chichester business or Chichester Business Help.  If your are looking to network with local Chichester businesses then Twitters Chichester Hour or the Google+ Chichester Business Community are great places to start!

So, back to the topic, here are Ad Astra’s top  5 top creative marketing tips!


1. Be Creative

Customers have marketing messages thrown at them all day from many angles, they are bombarded with them in such a way that they only pay attention to just a small number. That is why it is important to be creative with your marketing message, plan your attack in a way that will get you noticed and strike when they will pay attention. Make your message relevant and appealing to them so they listen to you and like what you are saying and what you have to offer.


2. Listen To The Customer

Everyone knows the customer is always right, so listen to your customer and hear what they have to say about your product or service. Ask for feedback from your customers, they are the ones using your service so find out how they think you could improve. If your stuck for ideas, ask them which of your products or services are best and you’ll know what to focus on.


3. Give out Freebies

“When you have a great tasting product, get it into peoples mouths” – not a traditional marketing plan to give away free products but people are much more likely to purchase something they’ve tried and like than something they’ve never tried. Maybe give free trials and get people to rate your product online or tell their friends!


4. Create Exceptional Content

People need a reason to come to your website, they need something to read which makes it worth visiting – the answer is to create exceptional content! Give customers something they want to read and they will come to read it, make it appeal to your target audience with exciting and engaging content and they will come to read it!


5. PR is Great

PR is your new best friend. Marketing can be costly but if you do it yourself PR can be free. Write something for the local paper to be seen by the local area, they are probably desperate for something new to write about so give them a story! A competition? A zero to hero story? A product based on the local area?


Hope these creative marketing tips inspired you! At Ad Astra we specialise in marketing and business development of Chichester and West Sussex SME businesses.  Our online marketing specialists build websites, create engaging content marketing and manage your social media marketing campaigns.  Offline our specialists write business plans and marketing plans to focus your strategy, they rebrand, produce stunning graphic design and are expert copywriters.  If you are a Chichester Business please contact to find out how Ad Astra can help you.


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