5 Simple Social Media growth strategies

Social Media is a powerful online marketing tool for building your audience, engaging with your followers and promoting your products bringing traffic to your site, generating leads resulting in sales.

But… Its not always about how many followers you have!

Social Media strategies can go two ways when building your audience, quality OR quantity.  Both can be great strategies but it comes down to the aims of your social media strategy, do you have a mainstream product you want to broadcast on social media or do you have a niche product you want to target to a select audience?

Without a social media strategy plan most businesses create social media pages and start posting thinking that they’re going to see amazing results… but they’re not going to with a plan or strategy.  They also don’t know what they’re doing and don’t stay on top of it, time is money and the time spent not seeing results is in fact costing them instead of seeing a profit.

We thought we’d share some secrets and give our followers a strategy plan.


1. Create a long lasting strategy for social media posts

Depending on the platform, sometimes a social media post can be published more than once.  Reposting on Social Media can give your content a second chance to reach its audience, reaching those who missed it the first time or promoting it again to those who did see it.

Facebook: Share post on publish, then the next week for those who missed it.

Twitter: Share post on publish and two times the same day, the next day, the next week, the next month and even the month after. Content can be shared repeatedly.

Google+: Share post on publish, a week after and a month later.

LinkedIn: Only share a post on publish.


2. Determine the best times to post

The time you send a post can have a huge impact on the audience it reaches, this depends greatly on your audience and when they are most active online.  Look at your previous posts or use an analytics tool to see when they reached the widest audience, had the most engagements and the most click throughs to your website.  Don’t waste your content posting at the wrong times and missing your audience.


3. Write titles and content that will appeal to your followers

Write eye-catching posts that are going to capture the interest of your audience, if the post isn’t exciting or engage them then they’re not going to click the link through to your content.  A great tool for this is Twitononmy which analyses your tweets and shows you the once that achieved the best, so you can use these to know what will work and what will not.


4. Be creative with social media posts

When you repost content you need a creative post that generates interest to content you have previously posted.  So restyle your posts to keep people interested and engage the ones that didn’t click to the post last time.


5. Reach out to those named in your blog

You want your post to reach out to a wide target audience, so if you have written about a business or person in your content then tag them into your Social Media post.  They will see the notification and share your content to promote themselves, which is only going to be a good thing for you!


Looking for Social Media Marketing help?

A social Media campaign can be extremely effective in reaching your target audience, but you do need a clear plan and strategy for success.

Contact Ad Astra for a free Consultation to find out how we can help your business develop its online and Social Media strategies.  Contact using our online enquiry or by calling 02392 160960.


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