Ad Astra’s 8 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

Digital Marketing has progressed at a rapid rate over the past couple of years and is now the primary tool in the marketing mix for every brand, company or businesses.  As technology evolves the way consumers use devices changes, digital marketing needs to constantly change to continue finding new way and creative ways to meet audiences.

We are very excited and intrigued by the way things are changing, looking ahead we are making our digital marketing predictions for 2015…  Here is what we think!


The decline of the mobile-only website

The days are over for companies building mobile-only websites, why pay for two websites on different platforms when you can pay for a single website that is responsive to both?  Responsive websites change their layout to fit the different device you are viewing on, its going to absurd for a company to need two websites in 2015!


The rise of pictures and video

2014 has seen the rise of pictures and videos, #selfie, so much that during the closing week of the year we hear that Instagram has overtaken Twitter with its number of users!  The end is not nigh for picture and video content, it has only just begun!


Content Marketing

Content marketing has risen dramatically as businesses realise it is the key to their online marketing strategy.  Content marketing builds SEO, meets targeted customers and engages your audience, gives reason to regularly visit your website and reason to follow your social media.  It is a fact that content marketing is going to continue to grow throughout 2015.


Personalised Content

Personalised content is going to be a hot topic of 2015, it is increasingly popular to visit a site and see content targeted specifically towards you.  The more relevant the content is to the end user the more likely they will interact with you, meaning longer time spend on your site and repeat visits; ultimately meaning increased satisfaction and sales.


Promoted pins on Pinterest

Promoted tweets, promoted Facebook posts, promoted tumblr posts, what next?  The answer is promoted Pinterest pins.  Until now Pinterest has been free from promoted pins


Analytics will boom

Analytic tools are daily life for digital marketers, you need to track results of your campaign to monitor its effectiveness, to see what is working and what is not.  At present there are many great analytic tools but we predict that with the rise of content marketing there will be new and more encompassing ways of tracking your digital marketing campaign.


Marketing budgets increased for online adverts

It has been proven that targeted ads are twice as effective as organic ads, it has also been proven that target ads will inspire 1000% more people to google the product.  Reading these facts and seeing the consumer behaviour digital usage prediction makes it obvious online adverts are going to be big in 2015.


Wearable Technology

Google Glass… Apple Watch… The future is wearable technology.  Digital marketers are going to have to stay well ahead of this trend in 2015 because its only a matter of time!


And that is the future!


So… What are your digital marketing plans for 2015?!





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