Business Funding for New Ideas

Researching and developing a new product or service can be a costly and time consuming process.  But there is a lot of financial help out there for small businesses to help them research, innovate and generate new ideas.  Schemes offer help in various ways such as tax relief, credits, grants and vouchers. + Read More

Why put my Business on Social Media?

Over half of small to medium sized business are using Social Media on a daily basis to build and develop their brand following online.  Social Media gives you opportunity to interact and engage with your audience in a casual setting, discussing your products making links back to your site for them to purchase.   + Read More

Writing Your Business Plan?

Your Business Plan is the vital first step in starting your own business, it will help you understand and define your proposition, your market, your customers and your competitors.  The business planning process will help you develop a concise plan to see how all the little foreseeable goals make up the company aims, it will help you sales forecast and understand the company structure. + Read More

What is Online Marketing?

Regardless of the size, nearly all businesses are now using online marketing.  It is the most inexpensive way to reach your target audience, but what actually is online marketing? + Read More

Content Marketing and ‘The Dress’

On Friday a single picture broke the internet.  The picture of the ‘Blue and Black or White and Gold Dress’ circulated every corner of the internet, its still circulating three days later as people are still discussing! Reddit, WIRED, Yahoo, Times, Buzzfeed, all social media networks and all content sharing sites joined in the conversation and are still sharing the picture. + Read More

6 Steps to Create Your Social Media Marketing Plan

If you are a startup or small business you will already know that Social Media Marketing is the easiest, cheapest and quickest marketing tool to start creating a business buzz.  But, before you create an account and start posting you need to create a plan and strategy for your campaign, because with knowing what you are doing you will only be wasting your time posting content that will not be seen by your target audience. + Read More

Does my Business Need a Website?


Having an online website is beneficial to all businesses, nowadays the first place people look for a product or service is online, so if you don’t have a website how are people ever going to find you?  They won’t, but worse still they will probably find your competitors online instead. + Read More

What is SEO?

One of the questions we are asked on a regular basis is… “What is SEO?”


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimised” – meaning when your website uses SEO it has been Search Engine Optimised so can easily be found by search engines. + Read More

Why is Everyone Talking About Blogs?

If you are a small business I am sure you have heard of blogging!  Blogging is the hot topic that every growing business is either doing or talking about doing.

But why is everyone talking about blogs? Should my business be blogging? Why should we be blogging?  These questions are put to us on a daily basis!  At Ad Astra we are expert copywriters so we know what a carefully written blog can do for your business and website. + Read More

Great Business: ‘Do More Online’ campaign

Back in 2013 the UK Government launched the nationwide campaign ‘Business is Great‘ demonstrating their commitment to empowering small businesses.  Now in 2015 the campaign has launched a new wave in their direction by encouraging and helping small businesses to develop their online presence with the aide of their funding and services. + Read More

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