5 Copywriting Tips for Great Blogs

Blogging has become serious business.  If you are a small business wanting to attract customers online and build upon your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you need to be blogging, but where do you start and what do you do?  – Copywriting is the key!  + Read More

Pay Per Click Advertising: Pro’s and Con’s

The Internet is already a powerful channel for commerce and communication. It will become an even more important revenue generator in the years ahead. However, does Pay Per Click Advertising have more of a negative or positive effect on both the brand and the consumers?  + Read More

Ad Astra: Chichester’s Marketing Agency of Choice

Ad Astra is Chichester’s Business Development and Marketing Agency of Choice.

From the Ad Astra HQ in Chilgrove, we have helped many startups and SME’s based in Chichester and across West Sussex and Hampshire to focus their business strategy and marketing plans for success, we have watched many of our clients grow from startup’s to successful businesses.  Our creative team have a broad skill set to help your marketing campaign both online and offline, with diverse backgrounds each member of the Ad Astra team have been specially chosen for the skills they bring to the group. + Read More

The 7 Rules of Copywriting

There are many strategies to improve your marketing campaign, but what is most often overlooked is the actual content on the page.  It is all too common for a marketing department to spend £££’s on great graphic design of their marketing materials but skimp on the actual content, so what if it looks good but reads poorly, the message and call to action will be completely lost!

We’ve decided to put together this helpful guide of our 10 rules of copywriting! + Read More

Looking for Chichester Business Help?

If you are a start up or are thinking of starting your Chichester based business and have arrived on this page, you are probably looking for help!  You’re lucky because you have come to the right place!

Ad Astra are Chichester’s business development and marketing agency of choice, specialising in providing help to small businesses and start ups enabling them to develop and grow.  From our offices in Chilgrove we have helped many Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire businesses.  Being the helpful bunch we are, we have decided to create a list of the top articles you need to read! + Read More

5 Steps to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a key component to all online and internet marketing strategies.  There are many reasons why your Chichester business should be using content marketing as part of your strategy, to build a brand following, generate sales and build upon SEO.

The key to success in content marketing is to create two-way conversational pieces, content to be shared, trigger discussion and encourage comments.  This can be created through blog posts, pictures, videos or infographics, it is all about creating content that appeals to your target audience and causes them to engage with it.

If you don’t understand the importance of content marketing then read out top 5 content marketing facts. + Read More

How to Create a Successful Email Campaign

Last week we gave our followers a summary of our tweets on the Basics of LinkedIn, as part of our Social Media Support service through our twitter handle @AdastraUK. Today, it is our top tips for creating a successful Email Campaign.

We have given you another chance to view this valuable information, so we will run through what we think you should be doing when it comes to Email Campaigns. We believe that, just like forms of Social Media, Email Campaigns should focus on interaction, information sharing and openness.

No matter whether your business already uses Email Campaigns or you don’t, these tips can help you. Our Social Media Support top tips for Email Campaigns are as follows! + Read More

7 Steps to Designing Your Logo

Research has shown that consumers recognise and base their consumption upon brand logos, with big brands like Nike and Apple recognised by the average consumer without hesitation.  Logos are equally important for smaller brands as they represent what the company stands for and helps build familiarity amongst their customers.

A great logo takes time, money and effort to create, it can be a daunting task but with the help of a graphic designer you can create a strong logo to be used as an effective marketing tool. + Read More

6 Steps to Branding

Most people think of branding as the name and logo you give to your business, at Ad Astra we think of the visual identity creation as just step of the branding process.  We like to define branding as the process of setting the company apart from its competitors and demonstrating its distinctive value, one that your customers are willing to pay a premium for.

Branding can be a confusing process we have decided to run through our 6 steps to success. + Read More

Top 15 Social Media networks for 2015

If you are an SME then I am sure you are aware social media marketing is a key tool in your marketing strategy.  Social media builds upon your online reputation, gives opportunity to engage with both existing and prospective clients and allows for great visible customer service, all whilst building upon your SEO and google page ranking.  If you still don’t understand why your business needs social media then this guide will help.

Social Media Marketing Chichester

When it comes to developing your online social media presence you need to be in the same conversations as your customers, spending hours on a social media network or platform not used by your target audience is just a waste of time!  Decide which social media platform your customers/target audience are using and focus on that network, managing too many networks is not usually cost effective nor does it effectively reaches your ideal audience.

There are a lot of social media networks out there so we have decided to run down the top 15 in the world in terms of their unique monthly visitors, hopefully this should give you a little help in working out which would be best for you!

Facebook – 900,000,000 unique visitors per month

Twitter – 310,000,000 unique visitors per month

LinkedIn – 255,000,000 unique visitors per month

Pinterest – 250,000,000 unique visitors per month

Google+ – 120,000,000 unique visitors per month

Tumblr – 110,000,000 unique visitors per month

Instagram – 100,000,000 unique visitors per month

VK – 80,000,000 unique visitors per month

Flickr – 65,000,000 unique visitors per month

Vine – 42,000,000 unique visitors per month

Meetup – 40,000,000 unique visitors per month

Tagged – 38,000,000 unique visitors per month

Ask.fm – 37,000,000 unique visitors per month

MeetMe – 15,500,000 unique visitors per month

Classmates – 15,000,000 unique visitors per month


Ad Astra are social media marketing experts based in Chilgrove, Chichester, who help provide social media support to businesses across West Sussex and Hampshire.  Our creative and youthful team of social media experts have been using social media since the prehistoric days of myspace and bebo and are always one step ahead of the trend.  Ad Astra can manage your social media presence giving you the time to focus on what you do best, your own business, leaving the social media to us to point clients in your direct.

Follow us on our social media pages for marketing tips and advice, to see what we can do for you as well as the wide audience we can reach. Our social media pages are: Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

If you would like to find out how Ad Astra can help you then please contact us.

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