Content Marketing Distribution

Content Marketing Distribution is a key stage of the Content Marketing Strategy that is often overlooked, but it is crucial for strategy success.  The Content Marketing Strategy simplified is as follows:

1. Creating exceptional content that will engage audience and has a clear call to action

2. Distribution of the content through email and social media to your audience

Once the content is posted online you need a clear distribution strategy to make the content effective in its purpose, being seen by a wide audience.  There is no point writing great content if nobody is going to see it!

The diagram below shows a strong visual representation to the process in distributing and promoting your content, using the online marketing tools of email and social media.

Content Marketing Distribution, Chichester, West Sussex, Content Marketing Agency

Content Marketing Distribution

1. Shorten your link

Shorten your link using either Bitly, or  They all do the same thing in taking your long links, such as the url of this blog, and turning it into a  shorten link such as, which is much easier and cleaner to put into your emails and social media posts.


2. Email

The first place to share your content is through your email list, don’t send it to your entire audience, instead send it to your key audience and incorporate it into your next email newsletter.

  • Email it to people you would like a comment from
  • Email it to people you mention in the article
  • Add it to your email newsletter and encourage comments
  • Email it to your colleagues to share via their social networks and email


3. Social Media

Social media is the most effective way of distributing your content to a wide audience, of both your followers and potential audience.

The primary social media platforms you need to share the content on are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but you need to tailor your channels to your target audience and the platforms they use, such as Google+ or Pinterest with distinct audiences.  It is worth sharing your content on StumbleUpon, a site which randomly generates users websites based on their preferences.

It can be easier to share your content across your social media channels all from one platform, instead of logging in to separate websites and accounts.  Hootsuite and Buffer are the two main sites that allow you to do this, as well as scheduling posts in advance which is a very useful function.

Your social media followers follow you because they are interested in your business and what you are promoting.  Publish your content to your audience encouraging them to share with their audiences, the aim being that the more shares it receives the wider the audience the content has reached, with more visitors clicking through to the site, meaning a higher rate of products sold if your website has a clear call to action and can convert traffic to sales.


What next?

Check your Google analytics and see if your strategy is working, see how many people are landing on the content of your site and where they are coming from.  You can use these findings to plan your next content article and distribution strategy.


Want to know more?

Contact Ad Astra for more information on content marketing and social media distribution, we are the marketing agency of choice for Chichester and West Sussex businesses.  Contact us using our online enquiry or by calling 02392 160960 and one of our team members will be happy to help.


Further reading

If you want more information we have plenty of articles in our library, just click to view in the menu at the top of this page.  There is plenty of information online so here is a few links to helpful places:

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