Content Marketing: Heat Map Analysis

Last week we posted an article titled Email Marketing: The science of short and sweet showing how an email is viewed by its openers, using eye scanning and heat mapping technology.  The article earn’t a lot of shares on social media and gained a lot of attention online so we decided to write a similar feature on how content marketing articles are viewed, so this is what we can learn from it.


Hot tip 1

The first thing we learnt: People just skim read! In the same way that the viewer only skim read the email, they only skim read the content article.  Looking at the image below you can see that there was hardly any reading actually done, with viewers just scan for the main information.

How we can use this: Keep everything short and simple and highlight the main information in bold, the key points need to come across from a brief scan of the content.

Ad Astra Marketing Agency, West Sussex, Heat Map 2


Hot tip 2

The second thing we learnt: People love images.  Looking at the screenshot below you can see how much attention has been paid to the image, people even tried clicking the image which wasn’t a link.

How we can use this: If people are going to pay a lot of attention to images, make sure you use them effectively.  Use your images to help the pages call of action by linking them to where you want them to go or sign up.

Ad Astra Marketing Agency, West Sussex, Heat Map 2


Hot tip 3

The second thing we learnt: People don’t scroll down.  Look at the image below and see the fold line, anything below this is not visible, which means that only 50% of your page will not be viewed.

How we can use this: Put the most important content at the top of your page and make sure the page isn’t too long!

Content Marketing, Ad Astra Marketing Agency, Chichester, West Sussex


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