Content Marketing Outsourcing: 10 Reasons Part 2

You read the first half of our ‘10 Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing‘, so now we are moving onto part 2 of this comprehensive guide.  In this guide we’ll be covering the advantages of outsourcing SEO Content Marketing, for SME’s weighing up the decision of doing so.  So…

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6. Consistency

Throughout a long campaign it is important for consistency, it needs to be consistently good!  If there are multiple people managing it, then there will be a mixed style of writing and skill levels.  Outsourcing ensures a clear professional level of consistency across the campaign.

Sometimes an in-house employee will rush copywriting content so that they can get onto their next task, meaning they misspell and make grammatical mistakes.  Outsourcing to a Content Marketing agency means that each article is closely checked, revised, suggested and adhered to the company style of writing.


7. Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy

An outsourcing agency knows that a clear marketing strategy needs to be put in place to see your ROI.  This is why an agency will be able to help you plan a marketing strategy based upon your aims and goals – they are in the business of creating content so know how to use it to effect.

  • Which Content type is most effective for your goals?
  • What tools should you use to promote yourself?
  • Are you analysing and evaluating Content and its result?
  • What should you change to keep seeing results?

If you don’t have a Content Marketing strategy in place yet a Content Marketing agency will be able to help you do so.  Or if you do have one in place it can be insightful to have the experts make sure it is as effective as possible.


8. Partner

Outsourcing to the right agency can create a great partnership.  For example, Ad Astra works in the Aerospace, Defence, Leisure and Travel industries, so we are a specialist agency in these industries, so wouldn’t you prefer to have a partner who knows their stuff about your industry?  When working with a team that understand your business and industry you can expect to receive quality and enthusiasm for your campaign.

When your outsourced team are personally invested in your business and want you to succeed, you have a great business partnership.  You have people you can rely on to get the job done to the highest standard, going above and beyond your expectations.


9. Reach A Greater Audience

As you know, Content Marketing is all about distributing your content so that it reaches a wide audience.  Many outsourcing Content Marketing agencies will have a Social Media Marketing team to help you develop your Social Media Strategy and helps your content meet the right audience.  If you choose the right Content Marketing Agency they will also share your content with their networks and Social Media platforms to help extend your reach.


10. Create A Wide Range Of Content Types

Outsourcing Content Marketing allows you to experiment with different types of content for your strategy.  Creating multiple content types in house can be quite stressful if there is not a team of people with the right skills, outsourcing to an experienced agency gives you the skills of their entire team.

Experimenting with different types of content lets you explore and see what works best for your campaign and what your customers prefer, helping develop your strategy and see your ROI.


Are You An SME Thinking Of Outsourcing Your SEO Content Marketing?

If you are an SME considering outsourcing your SEO Content Marketing, contact Ad Astra to find out how we can help you.  Ad Astra are the outsourced Content Marketing Agency of choice for SME’s across West Sussex and Hampshire.  Contact us on 02392 160960.


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