The Content Marketing Sales Funnel

The Content Marketing Sales Funnel is a great infographic showing the process of your customers going from prospect to lead to customer when acquired through your Content Marketing strategy.

Before we get down to all the Marketing talk, here is what the Content Marketing Sales Funnel infographic actually looks like.

Chichester Content Marketing Sales Funnel Infographic: Ad Astra Digital Online Internet Marketing Agency, Chilgrove, Chichester, West Sussex

What is Content Marketing?

The definition given by the Content Marketing Institute is: “the process of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience” with the purpose of “changing or enhancing consumer behaviour.”

The Content Marketing Sales Funnel Defined

The top of the funnel: People who are looking for information to solve a problem, who will discover your company through the useful content you publish.  Blogging helps bring people to the site through creating public content, such as this blog you’re reading!

The middle of the funnel: This stage is about turning the prospects into qualified leads, the purpose of content at this stage is for the prospect to evaluate the company to make a buying decision. Consider offering a free report or trial which will enable you to capture their email addresses and encourages them to make contact with you.

The bottom of the funnel: This stage is about turning the leads into customers, they are interested in your company and its service but they just need that final push to close the sale.  Sending out newsletters is a great way to keep in their mind, regular contact to remind them of your company and services means when they are ready they will come to you.

How Does Content Fit Into my Online Marketing Strategy?

Content is usually referred to as the blog on your website, it is content on your website that people will want to read or view, thus bringing them to your site to do so.  But, it plays a large part in your overall Online Marketing Strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing – Share content to your followers, sending them back to the website.
  • SEO – Search Engines reward websites with regularly updated content.
  • PR – Address topics and issues your readers care about.
  • PPC – For Pay Per Click to work you’ll need to have great content worth viewing

Watch this!

Heres a great video from the SEO Online Marketing giants ‘Moz’ with their insighful view of the Content Marketing Funnel.

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Looking for Content Marketing to Support Your Campaign?

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