Free Event Marketing Resources

At Ad Astra we’re well placed to provide you with a full range of event marketing services, including content, design, print, PR, and social media.

On this page you can find some of our free best practice notes and checklists to help all you event marketers out there get ahead and keep sane with your programme of exhibitions!

1 – Exhibition project planner:

Kick start a new project with this event manager’s overview of about a hundred things you need to remember to get sorted far in advance!

For more tips about early planning and involving all the stakeholders, read our article:
Top 5 things exhibitors forget in FinTech events

Click to read the article at the Emerging Payments Association blog

2 – Event content marketing checklist:

Free checklist: Click to download Adastra’s event content recommendations

Read more about this checklist here, including an explanation of organizational vs product marketing.

3 – Event web pages content checklist:

Free checklist: Click to download our tips on what to include in your event web pages

Read more about our recommendations for event info pages here.

Stakeholders in event management

A good event project is about having all your ducks in a row… or do we mean all your cats in a herd! Friendly… and firm… stakeholder management is required. Here is our quick summary of the people you will need to include proactively in your event planning:

  1. Marketing team
    Don’t let events become a silo within marketing. Content marketing, digital, and PR need to be heavily involved throughout.
  2. Management
    Be sure to get leadership and finance behind your events, so they are seen for all the benefits, not just as a cost!
  3. Sales
    Make events a true collaboration by consulting sales colleagues on how to design the overall campaign messaging and the specifics of collateral like brochures and slideshows.
  4. Account managers
    Don’t get so obsessed with “top of the funnel” new business that you neglect the power of communications to existing customers.
  5. Product managers
    Proactive internal networking will help guard the busy event manager balance requirements from product groups for representation and lead generation in your events.
  6. PR
    Ensure you exploit events for appointment setting with journalists and analysts. If you have something innovative to show off, talking to them is just as important as exhibiting directly to prospects.
  7. Partners
    No business is an island unto itself: look for your industry allies. Each event you exhibit at can offer multiple opportunities for win-win marketing partnerships.
  8. Agencies
    If you work with external marketing specialists, even if they aren’t assigned to work with on events, don’t miss the opportunity to get their help on content production and messaging, and make other marketing campaigns more joined up with your event project.

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