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The key to a successful internet marketing campaign is planning your strategy.  This goes for all marketing campaigns, they are only effective if research has been undertaken and a detailed plan has been put in place showing a clear route to success.

The infographic below is a great template to use when planning your internet marketing content and social media strategy. Please familiar yourself with the infographic so we can discuss further in this article.

Internet Marketing Strategy Planning, Ad Astra Content Marketing Agency, Chichester, West Sussex, infographicThe Google Search

Being found at the top of a Google search is your number one goal. You want your target audience to search for your services and find your website at the top of a Google search.  The efforts of your internet marketing strategy as a whole, is what pushes your audience to buy your products or service.


So… How do I achieve being found in a Google search?

The answer is simple. A meticulously planned internet marketing strategy of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing, working in unison with SEO and SEM.


Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Your strategy should be to create engaging content marketing articles and share these to your social media followers, they will engage with your social media and click through to your website to read your articles.  Once on the website it is your opportunity to sell to them.



SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, and SEM is Search Engine Marketing.  Search Engine Optimisation is the way to optimise your website in a way that google will favour and help you be found in a Google search for your terms.  Search Engine Marketing is another word for PPC Pay Per Click, these are paid advertisements that suggest your site to a Google searcher when they search for your services, the adverts are the little yellow boxes shown at the top of the page.



Your website itself needs to be built and structured in a way that Google favours.  It needs to be mobile and tablet friendly, host a blog for your content marketing articles, and have clear landing pages optimised to the sale aims with clear call to action.


Want help planning your online strategy?

We are the content marketing agency of choice for business located in West Sussex and across the UK, we have helped many establish their online presence, develop their online strategy and increase sales through creating and implementing effective online strategies.

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Further Information!

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