Lifestyle Magazine’s raison d’être is to deliver information about the variety of travel assets available to members, hence there are features on private aircraft, helicopters, yachts and prestige cars.  Rather than focussing on facts and figures, it describes the lifestyle associated with each of them; this is key to how we select the most appropriate asset to meet members needs.  We don’t stop there, we include other features on the finer things in life, be it jewellery, watches, fashion, destinations, luggage, perfumes, etc.  We also include specific features about inspirational people and people involved in some form of visual media.  

Lifestyle associated with travel by private aircraft, helicopters, yachts and prestige cars

We recognise our responsibility for the longevity of our planet and hence we include an environmental topic in every issue.  Finally, we have a community conscience and donate a minimum of 2 pages to a charitable organisation for them to use as they see fit.  We have found that we then stay engaged with these charities and help with fund-raising through the generosity of our contributors.

Ad Astra Lifestyle magazine.  Chichester's business development and marketing agency of choice.

Our aim is for Lifestyle to appeal to both genders and to a wide age range, making it a quite unique publication.  The quarterly printed editions are circulated to various prestigious venues, such as on board aircraft and yachts, airport VIP lounges, 5* hotels, Harley Street clinics, etc.  

To keep up with the voracious appetite of our readers, we publish further material on our online version of the magazine and feature news worthy items.

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