Looking for Chichester Business Help?

If you are a start up or are thinking of starting your Chichester based business and have arrived on this page, you are probably looking for help!  You’re lucky because you have come to the right place!

Ad Astra are Chichester’s business development and marketing agency of choice, specialising in providing help to small businesses and start ups enabling them to develop and grow.  From our offices in Chilgrove we have helped many Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire businesses.  Being the helpful bunch we are, we have decided to create a list of the top articles you need to read!


1. Steps to start your business

A helpful guide on the initial steps to starting your business; trademarks, registration, funding and all the other little things you may need help with.


2. Branding your business

Branding your business is important to create its position in the market, establish it amongst competitors and give an identity for your audience to follow.  This guide helps you get to grips on developing your brand.


3. Networking in Chichester

Networking is the ideal opportunity to get your name out there, make connections and find clients.  There are many opportunities to network in Chichester both online and offline so don’t miss out on all those opportunities.


4. How to start/move your Chichester business online

An online presence for any business is a must.  If you are not on the internet then you are missing a very large potential audience!  This is a helpful guide on how to start/move your Chichester business online.


5. Writing a Press Release and the Chichester Media

PR is a great way to create hype for your business, but how do you do it?  This is a helpful guide on writing a press release which goes one step further by giving you the contact details of Chichester most widely read publications!


6. Loans, grants, services, help and advice for Chichester businesses

There is a lot of help out there for your Chichester business, whether its loans, grants, services, help or advice there are a number of resources available to you.


Hope this helped!

Ad Astra are Chichester’s Business Planning and Marketing Agency of choice.  If you are looking for business help please contact us to find out how we can help you.

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