New online network for Chichester Businesses

There is a new online network connecting Chichester businesses on social networking site Google Plus!

Google Plus is often overlooked at present because people haven’t quite caught on to it yet, some people haven’t even heard of it, but those who have and have adopted it early know that it is going to be big!  In the same way that Facebook and Twitter took a while for the masses to start logging in daily, the same is happening for Google Plus and it is grower stronger by the day.

We have a Chichester Business group for Facebook, we have a Chichester Hour for Twitter, so why don’t we have a Chichester Google Plus network group?  Well the answer is that we do.

Here it is:

The Google Plus Chichester Business Network

The new network will become the local community message board and meeting place for Chichester businesses on Google Plus.  It will connect businesses from across the city giving them the opportunity to network, share knowledge, find opportunities, make connections and raise their profile with other Chichester businesses.

If you are a Chichester business then follow the link and start networking today!


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