Planning Your Marketing Budget For The Financial Year

Since January it has been that time of year when for many of us SME’s, our attentions have been on Business Planning and the coming of the new Financial Year.  It is time to think about, on what you will spend your Marketing Budget for this coming year and how you can really use it to effect, so, what is your Marketing Strategy?

Here are a few tips to help you start planning your Marketing Budget for the coming Financial Year.

The first thing we suggest, that is something that most businesses ignore…

Look back over your previous year and assess

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There is no point starting this year using the same spreadsheet as last year and just editing some of the numbers, how did the conference or exhibition go last year? Is it really worth going again this year?  Its time to put things into perspective and shake everything up to really market your business this year to see great results.

Where is it worth spending money this year?

Marketing progresses at a rapid rate so it is important to stay on top of the trend, if you are still using the same Marketing tactics you were a couple of years back then the chances are that you are missing a lot of opportunities.  Have a look at our blog…

8 Digital Marketing Predictions

Digital Marketing has seen a massive increase over the past few years, such that mobile activity has overtaken desktop activity for the first time in 2014.  Make sure you are spending your Marketing Budget where you will see the biggest ROI.

Make Sure Your Budget Has Some Flexibility

If you’ve allocated your entire budget at the start of the year, what happens when you have an unplanned expense or hear of a great opportunity later in the year?  Make sure your budget has some flexibility in the way that you have a proportion to spend when you need to, as this is going to happen!

Do You Have your Marketing Strategy and Plan For The Year?

Ad Astra can help you develop your Marketing Strategy and Plan, we are the Marketing Agency of choice for SME’s outsourcing their marketing activities.  We stay ahead of trends and ensure our customers see ROI for their marketing activities.

Contact Ad Astra on 01243 200603 to find out how we can develop your marketing strategy.

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