About Us

Ad Astra (UK ) Limited specialises in providing advice, guidance and support to organisations to plan, grow and operate their business.

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Ad Astra (UK) Ltd was founded in 1995 as a business incubator. Since its inception, it has successfully developed a diverse range of enterprises, including bid support consultancy, private jet operator, beauty salons, luxury magazine, training organisation and events.

In addition to managing the operations of some retained organisations, it uses its extensive expertise in all aspects of business development and operation to advise, guide and support clients of all sizes, from start-ups through to corporations.

Ad Astra has a team of professionals with the expertise to provide your business with the services it needs.  Our consultants provide advice, guidance and support on:

  • Business planning, growth, management and operation
  • Management, preparation and negotiation of contracts and bids
  • Research relating to company activities and status
  • Preparation of business documents, marketing collateral, press releases and presentations
  • Marketing and branding

Over the years it has developed a bespoke methodology, REWARD®, that provides a structured process and tools to augment its talented team of professionals. The range of services includes planning, marketing, copywriting, graphic design, HR and finance.

We work with a range of clients from local SME’s to global corporations spread across the world. We value each of our clients and share the same enthusiasm for the success of their businesses. We deliver ideas, concepts, design, development, delivery and support to promote and develop their business.

The following brands are those that Ad Astra has an enduring role in the operation of the venture.