Social Media Marketing: Top 3 Tips

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We spend a lot of our time on social media for ourselves and for marketing our clients, so we thought we’d write you a little guide to what we think you should be doing when it comes to your SME business Social Media Strategy. We believe that Social Media marketing should focus on interaction, information sharing and openness.

No matter whether your business already uses Social Media marketing to a good effect or not, these tips can help you. Our Social Media Strategy top tips are as follows!


1. Invest In Your Personal Brand Online:

Connect & be Authentic to your Community, Use your personal voice to promote the Brand.

Personal branding statistic: 97% of all recruiters use LinkedIn as a part of their recruiting efforts?


2. Share Compelling Content

Content marketing will be part of your online marketing strategy.  Sharing this content through social media helps increase awareness, builds credibility, improves site traffic, and even boost SEO.  The proof is that you came here to read this!


3. Take Your Social Presence Up a Level

Stand out from the crowd when engaging in conversations. Interaction, Consistency, Promote Others, Analysis, Limit Self Promotion and Be Positive!

A Conversation Statistic: Twitter set a new record in 2013 for tweets-per-second with 143,199 tweets sent every second by content creators


These are our top 3 tips on social media marketing!  We have a lot more tips and advice so if you want to know how social media marketing can help your online and content marketing strategies then please contact us!

We don’t just do online social media marketing… we are an experienced business development and marketing agency based in Chichester, West Sussex.  Online we build websites, write blogs, content marketing, social media and PPC.  Offline we develop business plans and marketing plans, copywriting, graphic design, branding, print marketing and script writing.


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