Pinterest: 5 Minute Marketing Plan

Pinterest is a great social media platform for sharing images, and if your business can boast beautiful pictures that your audience will want to see then its worth spending a little time each day using it as a marketing tool.

Stop what you are doing right now and spend the next 5 minutes on Pinterest, depending on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, follow the marketing plan for just 5 minutes and you will see results! + Read More

Social Media for Business

Social media is all about connecting with people online. You connect with your friends through social media for personal reasons and you follow the brands and companies you like; so why not connect your business online with its customers, potential customers or business connections?

Social Media is a simple, easy to manage and cost effective marketing strategy to growing your business online.

If you are yet to understand how developing your businesses presence on the internet is not a must, then this guide will help you understand!



Have you ever seen on Facebook that one of your friends has liked a brand? They are expressing it publicly to all of their friends. So when somebody likes your social media business page they are effectively telling all of their friends that they like your business; this is basically a recommendation to a lot of people and will help develop a positive online reputation for your business.



Websites aren’t real people, but the people behind social media pages are real people. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your followers, allowing you to talk directly and interact with them over your products, services or common interest. Why not strike up a conversation and show that you’re a real person? Paying an interest in your customers shows that you value them and that you are not just a big faceless corporation.


Customer Service

Having direct contact with your customers means any query or problem can be answered quickly and effectively without the need for long emails, telephone calls or visits to your premises. Its much simpler to respond in person through social media and means that (unless private messaged) everyone else can see the question and answer; thus meaning you pre-emptively answer other peoples questions and have a chance to show off the great customer service skills of your business.



How much does a small advertisement in the yellow pages cost? A lot more than a tweet to all your customers. Social media gives you a voice to all your customers and keeps you in their mind through seeing your regular updates. They look through the yellow pages when they need help and see you and your competitors, if connected on social media they will call you first as they will feel they have a relationship with you.

So its great for communicating with customers, what else is it good for?

When you write a content blog on your website or update your website content such as photographs or calendar, you can post links to the new content and changes on your social media pages to inform your followers and invite them to click through to your website.

This is great for a number of reasons; once they are on your site it is your opportunity to show off your products or services to make a sale, it is also great for SEO Search Engine Optimisation link building in the way that Google favours traffic to your site from valued sites such as Social Media networks.


If you are still unsure of how Social Media can help your business then contact us through our website or social media pages. We offer complete internet marketing packages designed to manage your online presence through the building of a professional website, creating engaging content and managing your social media pages.

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