Twitter: 5 Minute Marketing Plan

Twitter is the top social media platform for building your online audience, engaging with your followers and promoting your content materials, generating traffic back to your site resulting in inbound leads.

It is well worth spending a little time each day concentrating on social media marketing for your chosen networks, it doesn’t have to be hours, just 5 minutes each day can see positive results when using it effectively as a marketing tool.

Stop what you are doing right now and log into Twitter, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, the following 5 minute marketing plans will give your social media campaign the boost it needs.



3 Minutes: Share tweets

Scan over your homepage feed and pick an interesting tweet from somebody you are following, remember to include their @twitter_handle.


2 Minutes: Start to interact

Check your notifications and messages and interact with these people. Start a conversation.

Twitter Marketing, Ad Astra Marketing Agency, Chichester, West Sussex



2 Minutes: Identify who you want to follow

Create a specific list of people who you’d like to follow more closely.


3 Minutes: Publish a tweet

Publish your own tweet and include a popular #hashtag relevant to your niche.

Twitter Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Ad Astra Marketing Agency, Chichester, West Sussex



2 Minutes: Reach out to an aspirational contact

Reach out to one aspirational contact to connect, share their content or ask them a question.


3 Minutes: Join discussions related to your niche

Do an advanced search to find discussions happening related to your niche, in your city or on popular hashtags. Listen in, follow people and tweet where appropriate.

Twitter Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Ad Astra Marketing Agency, Chichester, West Sussex


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