We are recruiting in Chichester

If you think you have got what it takes to be a member of the Ad Astra team, then write to us today.

But don’t send us your CV, just tell us why you would like to join us and how you think you will be able to benefit us.  It’s not about what you have done in the past, it’s about what you are going to achieve in the future!  Tell us what you are good at, what you enjoy doing and about your ambitions.

We are not recruiting for specific vacancies as we are not going to pigeon-hole you into a particular position.  Everyone is different, with a different set of skills so we will create the right role to fit with you.  We embrace the diversity and will work with you to develop your talents and employ them to best effect and with the best potential for you.  It is the people that defines our company and therefore we don’t have a rigid organisational structure. We are not a standard 9 to 5 company, we are happy with part-time, full-time or odd-times!  We are interested in your achievements rather than the time of your attendance.

So what will we offer you?

We will offer you the opportunity to excel, we will help you to realise your potential and achieve your ambitions.

We will give you a fair reward for your efforts.  This will consist of a fair basic salary, together with a shareholding in the company so that you will benefit from the company’s performance, with a share of the profits.

So get in touch today and let’s see if we can make something fit.

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