Why should companies be blogging?

Many companies have heard they should be blogging… but they don’t know why or how to go about it.  After reading this hard hitting fact in the graphic below, we suggest you continue reading to find out out how managing your company blog will generate many more leads.

Content Marketing Fact, Blogs create leads. Ad Astra Marketing Agency, Chichester, West Sussex

What is a blog?

A blog is a short article on your website for your audience to read.  It can be about your company, products, service, industry or anything else that will be of interest to your audience.


Why blog?

Blogging is a digital marketing technique known as ‘content marketing‘.  When you create interesting content articles your audience will come to your site to read them, and once on your site reading it is your opportunity to sell or convert these visitors to leads, through copywriting of the article or other techniques on your website.  Your website is your shop and your blog is what brings customers into your shop.


Who will read it?

Those interested in what you have to say!  Statics show people are spending more and more time browsing the internet looking at things they are interested in, so if you have something interesting to say, people will want to hear it.

SEO optimising your blog will help the article be found in a Google search for its topic or content, so when they search for that product or service your site will be suggested to them.

Social media sharing of the article will reach your most important audience, those who are already actively following you – encourage them to read and share with their audiences.


Sum that up for me in one sentence?

A blog is a sharable article that attracts an online audience to your site, where it is your opportunity to convert them to customers or turn into leads.


Want to know more about blogging?

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